Default Part Record Info based on PRC

Take for example our PRC “PCB”, which is the PRC for any PCB bare boards we purchase or use for assemblies. Would it be possible for Cetec to introduce a “Default” option in the prc information for these fields? Take for example this PCB part record that we inputted this info. manually into those fields (“PCB-RAW” into Tech Description and Part Class).

This would help avoid manual efforts for this. We have similar situations for our other prcs.

Additionally, can Cetec consider adding data field dropdown functionalities to pull a vendor name? As example on this same PCB part record the vendor is the one we have written manually into “Part Manufacturer” and “Preferred Manufacturer”. Would it be possible for Cetec to make it so it parses through the vendor list and can autofill the field with suggestions similar to how the “Vendor” box works when clicking “Buy Parts”?