Default Transcode

Is there a report that will show a list of item numbers and their defualt transcode (Charge/Build/Stock)?

@Nbella We don’t have any reports or list that have the default transcode with the parts unfortunately.

Can you expound a bit on what you want to achieve here and we can see if there’s something that might help you get there?

From the inventory value report we need to know which items are raw material and which ones are going to finished goods.

@Nbella I think a good way to achieve what you’re looking for would be to use the Parts List by Bin report found at (your cetec domain)/part/list_by_location

On that report you can include the total value for each bin, and filter by whether or not you want BOMs listed. Because this report is broken up by bin, you’ll have to combine the values for each bin per location with that part to get the net value shown on the inventory value report, but hopefully that gets you the information you’re looking for.

Hopefully that helps. Let us know if you have any other questions about this!

Thank you for the report. However, we are looking to see which part numbers are hitting which account when they are received into inventory. Raw material and finished goods are the two specific accounts. Is there a report to list items and their account they are charged to?

@Nbella Just to clarify, do you mean the Revenue and COS G/L accounts for each part?

Hi, I just spoke with our accounting department to get clarification.
We are looking for 2 things:

  1. We cannot see the path of transactions for our non-inventory items received, so we do not know what account they are posting to.
  2. With a list of all items in the system, which ones are using Stock or Build.
    Hope this helps.

So for non-inventory items, they won’t post on the ledger until the PO has been vouchered. After that, it will post to whichever account is set in you GL Transaction settings, I believe by default it’s “Accrued”

As I mentioned before, we don’t have any reports or list that have the transcode with the parts unfortunately.
Assuming it’s just a one-time need and not an ever-changing thing, we might be able to get you a list from your database and send it out to you. Otherwise I think we’d have to look at potentially doing some custom development for you to make the default transcode a column on the parts list.

Let me know if either of those options would work for you!