delete a deposit

need to correct a deposit with errors on it to correct it…how would we do this

Hi @jjclarizio,

Depending on the status of each transaction, there are a few things you might need to do.

  • If any of these transactions are before your GL Lock Date, you’ll need to edit that in order to be able to work with them
  • If the deposit is part of a bank reconcile, you’ll need to open/edit that reconcile and remove the deposit
  • On the deposit itself, if it is closed you’ll need to reopen it
  • For the payments linked to the deposit, you’ll need to reopen those in order to be able to make any changes to the deposit.
  • After the payments are open, you can either start a new deposit and move those payments to it, then delete the original deposit. Or you can make whatever changes are necessary to the original deposit, then reverse the steps above to make sure everything is closed/completed properly all the way down the line.

Let us know if you need anything else here!