Delete Deposit and Use Unapplied Cash Instead

We need to delete Deposit 2400, connected to AR Payment 18461, connected to Inv 24970.1-9.

Once deleted, we want to use Unapplied Cash to make the payment for this invoice. Could you please provide the correct way to do this? Thank you!


Thanks for reaching out about this. I apologize for the delay. You will first need to reopen the deposit: Cetec ERP Once you’ve done that you can go to the payment and reopen that: Cetec ERP There are two options from there.

If you want to delete the payment you can uncheck the invoices and zero out all values then click update. You can then delete the payment and delete the deposit by going back to the deposit screen.

If you are just wanting to change the deposit for that payment you will just select the different deposit on that payment and then click update. You can then close the payment again so that way the deposit doesn’t have a payment attached anymore. Then go to the deposit and click the delete button which will appear when nothing is attached to it anymore.

You can then do your payment as normal.

Please let me know if you have more questions.


Cetec ERP Support

Totally worked. Trickiest part was my advising them on how to use Unapplied Cash as payment after the deposit and payment was gone, but I found a help article that provided enough info to work it out. Thank you!