Deleted part help

A part was created as a bom and which caused the labor plan to be a component labor plan. I couldn’t figure out how to un-bom it so i deleted the part. I am unable to recreate the part to redo the work order.

Work order 186.1-2 A22001-A02-173_R0 is the part that has been deleted. I would like to remake work order 186 but when i try to this one as a new part the system says it already exists. Could you help me get this part back into the system so we can add it to this work order and create a labor plan?


To convert a part back to a non BOM you will go to the edit screen on the part record and click Remove As BOM. This will convert it back to a RAW part. Is this the right part? Cetec ERP Once a part name has been used it can’t be created again. This doesn’t look like it’s been deleted so you should be able to just convert it back to a raw part and then add it to your labor plan.


Cetec ERP Support

Thank you. We were able to figure it out.

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