Deleted Sales Order Showing on Open Sales Order List

A sales order line item was deleted/closed. It is still showing up on our sales order list for that part number. When you open up the sales order is says, “Order is no longer Open.” We cannot find a way to fully close this item. It is inflating our open sales order total.


Hi @kthomas,

That is strange, it looks like somehow the order was closed but left that single line open. You can confirm that by clicking the line number to go to the workorder view, and you’ll see that nowhere on there does that line show as having been closed.

Unless you can identify anything that was unique about that line versus others, it would be difficult to identify exactly how that happened. The good news is that it’s relatively easy to force that line to close as well and remove it from your open orders list.

Copy the first link you sent, the link to the order page. Past it in your address bar, but before you hit return to visit the page change the “/view” at the end to “/delete”. Then you can press return, and that will take you to the close order/line page. From there you should be able to click the “Delete Order” button, and that will force that line to be recognized as closed along with the rest of the order.

If you do have any insight as to what might have happened with that line while the rest of the order was being closed, pass it along and we’ll be happy to investigate further. Otherwise keep an eye on it and, if it happens again, see if you are able to recognize any unique circumstances that might be affecting those specific lines,

Let us know if you have any additional questions about it!

Unfortunately, I’m unsure of why this one was different from the other 6 lines I deleted on that sales order. The good news is that your instructions worked and the sales order no longer shows up on the open sales order list! Thank you very much.

Glad that worked for you! Please do keep an eye out for this in the future. If you are able to gather any new information about what led to it, let us know!