"deleting" mistakenly created PART with inventory

I have a part that was mistakenly created. It has inventory and I’m trying to “Remove” this inventory before i delete this part. This is the location (/part/fifoix_piece_list?receipt_search=3862&bin_search=NEW&location=AE&reloaded=1&part_search=8MED000529). I don’t seem to be able to “delete” this part as the delete button only shows up as “RED”, not “GREEN” and i’m not sure why…

Hi, Regis,

It sounds like you want to delete the Prcpart, and not just one item on the Bin Piece/Serial List, is that correct? Assuming I’m understanding your goal correctly, here are the steps to take:

  1. The top line on the Bin Piece/Serial List screen currently does not have a Delete button because it is picked to an order. Go in and unpick that item from that order.

  1. You should now be able to remove every line on that Bin Piece/Serial List by using the Delete button on the right side of each line.

  2. Once this inventory is removed (deleted) you should be able to delete the Prcpart.

Let us know if you need any more help with this.

Cetec ERP Support

hmm…i’m not seeing any values in the “on order?” field in the production environment (/part/fifoix_piece_list?bin_search=NEW&receipt_search=3862&part_search=8MED000529&reloaded=1&location=AE)

Strange. I went into your live production environment and I also see no values in that column. Is it giving you the option to delete that line? Here’s what I’m seeing:

yes. Option is there, it just turns “RED” when I select it. Nothing is actually deleted though.

OK. trying a few things. It looks like I need to give it a “reason”, then the “Delete” button turns Green and the each item is deleted…

Now that i was able to delete the Part, is it possible to remove the accidental PRC from the PRC list?

Never Mind. Found it. GO to PRC list, then select PRC and the PRC you want to delete and a dialog box shows up that allows this to happen.

Glad you got it figured out, Regis!

Cetec ERP Support