Dis-assemble purchased kit for stock

Here is the situation I am trying to work with. Currently we have a product that we buy that only comes in a kit. It has some mounting hardware that we use but sometimes we have to order more because the amount that comes with this product is sometimes not enough. Is there any way to buy the kit, receive it into stock, and disassemble this kit to keep track of the individual stock items? I kind of have a feeling that this will effect the accounting side of cetec but maybe there is some other lesser known function that I don’t know about.


We actually have a functionality in Cetec exactly for this! It’s called BOM Breakdown. Here’s a how to video on it: How to do a BOM Breakdown

Please let me know if you have more questions.


Cetec ERP Support

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Beautiful! Thank you!

When we do the BOM Breakdown, there’s a column for “Put Back” which is set to 1. If we set this to zero, the parts with zero don’t go into the “NEW” bin. Where do they go? Are they scrapped?