We have a locally hosted implementation now on v4.0.1

We generated quote 1110 to a customer. When we use our direct to US Government discount, the discount is substantially wrong. In this particular case, we were expecting a $212k extended resale price but were getting extended resale on the order of $20k. When we manually enter in the per unit $ discount as $, the discount calculates correctly.

Bug still present and impacting our sales team

Engineering has looked at this, and has a fix which is now in the quality/testing and build process. That should be to you in 6-9 business days (rollouts are rolling).

Thanks for sending this in!
Cetec ERP

Hi, Greg,

I went in to your discounts data maintenance table at /tablemaint/DiscountType/edit and I don’t see one specifically designated as a US Government discount. Do you see the discount in question listed there?

Here are the steps to set up a discount: How To Apply Discounts On Customer Quotes & Orders. Was this the process you guys used?

Cetec ERP Support

we’ve been using the discounts feature for several years so nothing new for us there. ID 2 is the US Government discount.

The bug was definitely still there there yesterday morning for multiple discount types. I don’t know if engineering pushed out a fix overnight but both the beta and live environments appear to be working correctly today.

I apologize, Greg–I saw you reply on that other post and assumed you were in the same company so I went to the wrong website to check the discount list (we have to do some digging on our end to see the company someone works for when they post).

Glad to hear it’s working for you now. Our apologies that you were running into issues with the discounts for a while there.

Cetec ERP Support