Discounts in POs

One of our vendors offers us a discount on the order level rather than a line level. So I enter in a non-inventory part into the PQuote and give it a negative value. It adds up to the correct total. So far so good.

When we receive the part, the receipt turns the negative cost into a positive number when adding it up and also in the default cost of the part. In the PO, there is a subtotal for “Orig Total” which is the same as the PQuote, but then the “Received/Closed” and “Unpaid/Unvouchered” subtotals add up the positive number.

Is there a better way to apply discounts like this? Or should I reduce the cost of one or more of the items on the PO?

I saw some prior discussion on the forum for similar issues, but for orders rather than POs.


Do you receive this discount before or after freight? And is this discount for all orders with the vendor, or at a certain threshold?

One thing you could do, if it is a uniform discount on every order, is add a vendor-specific costing break. These breaks are implemented by line, but if it is a uniform discount, you could apply this discount to every line and achieve the same goal, if that makes sense!

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The discount is offered before freight. Its like a blanket discount on the order.

It depends on the collection of parts that are ordered and whether they use the same material, so it is not because we order more than X of one part.

Adding cost breaks per line is one option, but it is a lot more data entry.


Engineering has resolved the issue and it will be in your environment when the 4.13 release rolls out to you. Thank you for your patience!

Cetec ERP Support