Document Downloads from Cetec-Preserving File Upload dates

When we download files off of Cetec is there a way to preserve the date that the file was originally uploaded to Cetec? I.e. if we have a file that was uploaded on 11/1/21 and we downloaded it on 11/24/21 is there a way for the downloaded version to show the 11/1/21 date?

Can you give us an example of where you’re looking at the uploaded file? Cetec should save the original upload/creation date for the files, just want to clarify where you’re looking so we can see whether or not that’s happening.


We asked the question specifically for documents that get uploaded to Part Number Revisions in our system. Specifically part revision L for PRT Part number ending in 1856-20

The three documents highlighted in the picture are different revisions for the part program code for this part number. The issue is not that Cetec doesn’t record the actual upload date. We wondered if it’s possible to preserve the upload date shown on Cetec as the download date when we download it off of Cetec to actually use on the machine?
For example the last highlighted file “XMcode” with tag FT–B has a “Created On” or Upload date of 11-23-2021. Since it is the latest active revision this is what we will use for manufacture, we would download this document onto a usb to then plug into the machine and run. When we download it, it is possible for the file date to show the 11-23-2021 date? Currently when we download it, the file gets dated whatever date we download it.

I see what you mean. We can definitely talk to our engineering team about whether or not that’s possible.

In the meantime, or if they say it isn’t do-able, would it be possible to include the upload/creation date as part of the filename? Or maybe use a date code system and include those codes with the filenames? This would be the most straightforward way of making sure that the file is identifiable as being from a specific date I would think.

We were not sure if it is something Cetec can do, we wonder if it might be an internet browser setting instead. If your team was able to figure out if it was possible even through changing browser settings that would be helpful.

Thank you for the suggestion to add the date to the file name; we will keep that in mind as a possible option.

Checked with engineering, the actual downloading of the files is handle by Chrome. Because of this, we don’t really have a way to control the metadata of the file, it’s always going to put the date the local copy of the file was created on the device to which it’s being downloaded.

Your best bet is definitely going to be to include some sort of date code in your file naming scheme so that those files are identifiable on the machine where you’re loading them.