Double effect in General Ledger of single entry

There is double effect of AP Payment 3181 in General Ledger affecting bank ledger and payable ledger
twice with same value


@Zuhaib Was the AP payment referenced there reopened/edited at all after it was initially paid?

It is unusual that it would be listed on the ledger like that, so we’re just looking to understand the circumstances around it so that we can try to identify the cause.


AP payment was not edited in this entry but affect is double in ledger after mark as paid.

What about the vouchers on the payment, or even the ledger entries themselves? Were any of those objects edited after the payment was initially completed?

Neither of them edited at any point. Just click mark as paid then showing double effect in ledger.

Looking at the usage logs in your environment, it seems like there were a number of updates posted to the payment in rapid succession. Typically we would only see this if somehow you’d been able to double click the submit/update button, or if somehow the payment had been opened in multiple tabs/windows and then updated in them separately.

In any case, all you should have to do to correct this is either reverse of cancel one of those entries to offset the ledger impact.
Again showing double effect of same venodr in CETCE in AP payment 3481.

As before, the usage logs show that there we 2 updates to that payment in < 10 seconds of each other. Any idea how that might have happened? Whatever is causing the rapid updates seems to also be creating the duplicated entries, as it seems like the second update is getting triggered before the first is completed.

You should be able to cancel one of the two entries to fix the ledger impact. And you should evaluate the process by which the payments are being created/updated/edited in order to try to figure out where the duplicate entries are originating.