Downpayment Invoice (e.g. Progress Billing)

When i create a progress billing invoice, the PDF of the invoice indicates it is Paid. I believe this is incorrect. there is an progress payment (downpayment) invoice that needs to be sent to the customer so that they can pay. After they pay, then i should be able to send them a receipt confirming payment.

Hi Greg!

I think what could be happening here is that, when the progress billing invoice is created, Defer Revenue is being selected. You can check that by looking at the invoice record, and you would see “Progress Billing For Order **** - Revenue Deferred!”

You can read a little more about this feature here: Feature Highlight - Progress Billing

Let us know if you have any other questions about it!

We have to defer revenue for GAAP. That doesn’t change the fact that the invoice I generate shows “paid” as soon as it is generated even when I have not applied cash or received payment. I short, I generate the progress bill/invoice, it shows paid in the PDF.

For GAAP and for my customers to maintain GAAP, I have to generate an invoice to get paid. Once cash is received, I would apply it against the invoice to make the invoice show as paid. It appears that the system skips a few steps to assume payment received when it has not yet been received.

Thanks for clarifying that additional information Greg.

We are going to have our engineers take a look at a few things around how your progress billing is set up. We’ll get back to you ASAP with some more information.

@Greg - can you take another look at the invoice you were having problems with?

We made a few changes on default configuration and display of deferred revenue amounts on invoices and A/R. I think the issues you were having should be fixed now.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

Looks good now. Thank you for reviewing and addressing