Duplicating Orders

On the release screen, pgs 4 and 5 are duplicating the first 9 entries.


Also there seem to be missing orders when you sort by Ship Date. 34797.1-1 shows up, but lines 2-4 do not unless you sort by something else or specifically type the number in.


Hi @Andy
We’re not seeing any of that behavior on our side. A couple of questions:

  • Do other users at the company have the same display issues?
  • In regards to the orders missing when sorted by Ship Date, does the total numbers of rows in the report change when you change the sorting?
  • Do you have any other examples of specific orders that seem to disappear when the sorting changes? That particular order looks like non of the lines are showing on the report at all, even when searching for the order number specifically.

Cetec ERP Support

All users were seeing the same thing.

The total showed the same numbers even though the orders were showing up more than once.

I will search for more orders, we had to continue with our production so that order was closed out.