ECOs and open orders (work, PO, etc)

We are using Cetec to process ECOs. We have ECO 215 open but are not seeing open work orders, open POs, or open PQuotes showing up with information for SUB11268 even as their are open work orders, POs, and PQuotes for this part. Further, we don’t see a way to manually populate this information either.

This is causing engineering to underestimate the scope of work/impact when making a change.

Please advise what we are missing here as we are not seeing a solution in the videos or online documentation.

Hi Greg,

Thanks for reaching out. I took a peak at ECO 215 to see what might be occurring. When I viewed the orders under the part record of SUB11268 I found that these orders are for a top level assembly where this sub part is being pulled from stock. As this is the case and SUB11268 is not actually being built I would not expect it to show up on an ECO.

For PQuotes and POs; these also do not show up on an open ECO, but this is not part specific and currently by design.

When reviewing the ECO it is showing what I would expect it to show so if you have a specific use case or any specific needs please feel free to let me know and I can review further internally.

Thank you,
Cetec ERP Support

Correct. SUB11268 is actually a “Buy” part that we buy from a vendor but have design authority and revision control over. There will never be a “Make” work order for SUB11268.

Within Cetec, how is it expected that ECO reviewers gain visibility of open Work Orders for the FIG using SUB11268 or open POs to vendors for SUB11268 or existing inventory counts/revision when contemplating how to implement an ECO?

The only way i can find is brute-force practice and process which makes it feel like there is an opportunity to make Cetec more useful/powerful for users.

Hi Greg,

I was reviewing internally and having these sub-assemblies that function as components that show up on the ECO would in effect cause clutter on the ECO as it would pull all the components.

I think the best recommendation here would be to run a few reports such as the PQuote List and PO List to get the quantities for when this part is purchased in order to best scope out impact. Let me know if you have any follow up questions.

Cetec ERP Support

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