Edit Check Preview

Is there any, or will there be any ability to modify the edit check preview template (edit_check_preview.tt)? We have customized our check PDF template in accordance with how our checks are, and now I want to have a preview of the check in the Edit Check module. As of now the edit check preview is the stock check format and not how our Check PDF is.

This would be a huge advantage for us if possible. Please let me know, thanks!

The preview there is intended as a way to verify and edit the information that will appear on the check, but is not meant as a preview of the actual check once printed.

Can you elaborate on how you feel it would be a “huge advantage” to you if the preview matched your custom check pdf?

Understood. I personally think it removes any confusion from our management team here that is printing checks. I’d rather it looks the same as our check preview, but if that is a difficult ask that’s fine. I just noticed it’s a TT file with the only difference being the editable two fields (Check Number and Check Date). Even better could be just removing the check preview altogether and just leaving the Check # and Check Date. Then if they want to see how the check looks, they can just do the PDF export.

Let me know if that’s possible.

To paraphrase something that was said in another thread where you had a similar question, almost all of the customizable files available are for generated PDFs. If you don’t see it listed in the Custom Docs list under Admin->Config Settings then it is not available to be changed at your discretion.