Edit Pricing Types

I would like to add a different type of pricing in the pricing rules. We have parts that we sell or rent to customers. Our rental pricing is a standard percentage of the cost of the part so we typically don’t do any changes to our rental pricing. When we sell to customers we sometimes give discounts. So i would like a standard pricing rule for when we rent and then allow some pricing rules that are separate for when we sell.

My current options for type are contract pricing, Silver level customer, special offer, and standard discount. I would guess this is in the admin area of setting up cetec but i can’t find the field i need to edit.

There’s a lot of great info here about costing and pricing in the system.


Specifically, under the “VENDOR COSTING & MSRP” section, there’s information about how to maintain Cost/Qty & Resale/Qty Breaks, and also how to create other pricing rules.

Let us know if you have any other specific questions while you’re working through it!