Editing Inactive Tools shows Inactivate Tool button

When you go to Edit an inactive tool (see asset #1201) the “Inactivate Tool” button is displayed. If you click that button the system will say you have inactivated the tool (which is already inactive to begin with) and then you can see the Activate Tool button.

@robinl Thanks for letting us know! We’ll take a look at this and see if we can correct the behavior there.

Robin, our engineering team looked in to this, and it appears this is a unique situation specific to your environment.

When you moved over to Cetec, it looks like some of your tools were imported with a status that isn’t recognized by our system. in your database here are currently 55 tools set to status of 2 (0 is inactive, 1 is active, 2 is … something else.).

We could create and run a script for you to change those all from 2 → 0, but the potential complications and time probably aren’t worth it versus just clicking a second time as you come across these and need to reactivate them. However, if you want us to do so, send an email to sales@cetecerp.com and reference this forum topic, and we can get you a quote for the engineering time on that.