Editing user roles (production only)

In the past the production only user role had access to “complete/receive” on build orders but at some point in the recent year this feature is no longer available to production only users. Is this something that can be added to production only users with the recent updates to Cetec user security role permissions or do we need to change the user roles to the employees that need “complete/ receive” functions to production vs. production only?
Thank you!

Hi Nathan,
Production Only is a special-case user at a reduced subscription rate & feature set.
There is more information about what actions they can take here:

You may want to consider using the Role: Production
But, be advised if a user doesn’t have the role Production Only, they are counted as a “full” user and billed as such.
Hope that helps!

I have this same question. The link provided with what access the production only users have, shows that they are able to complete/receive work orders, but I’m not seeing that that is the case. Is it expected that a manager or supervisor is supposed to close those orders? The users we are expecting to close work orders don’t need access the entire Production role, just closing orders.

I have discovered a work around for production only users to complete and receive from the pick parts screen.
After an employee picks parts from the pick parts screen they can then look down towards the bottom of the screen and see the “Complete and receive” link.

Hope this helps!

Well that’s handy, thank you!!

Hi Everybody!

Heads up; my engineering department just told me they patched this workaround. Separate from this forum posting, they have removed the ‘complete/receive’ link on the bottom of the picklist for production only users.

They let me know about this today, and I remember this forum about this topic. I wanted to give you all a heads up before the release in a few weeks.

@jthomas @nathanfki

Does this mean production only users will not be able to close jobs? Going back to my question, is it expected that a manager or supervisor close those orders?

Hi Jackie,

That is correct. They will not be able to close jobs, and managers/supervisors are expected to do so.