Emailed Invoice PDFs are messy and unreadable

We have a bug that started about 2 weeks ago.
email pdf

When users click on Email PDF to send an invoice to a customer, the resulting PDF might look as expected, but it might also look like the attachment below. I have blurred out sensitive information. As you can see, the attachment is very messy and unreadable because of the text that is printed over text. This issue was seen as recently as last night. To fix the messy PDFs, users are simply repeating the same steps and that seems to always produce a clean PDF. This is embarrassing since customers are usually the ones who find the messy PDFs first.

As a comparison here’s a correctly formatted PDF:


@jallred We sent you a message from our Standard support case system. Please let us know if for some reason you don’t receive that, or are unable to respond there. Thanks!

We are having the same problem with purchase order documents. The downloadable one looks ok, but if you email it from cetec the formatting is changed and the columns are all right next to each other. Our vendors are concerned they are going to misread our quantities. Any help would be greatly appreciated! For now I’ll have our staff download and email manually.

@abeausoleil The description of the symptoms sounds slight different. Can you provide a couple of examples/screenshots for us to take a look at?