Emmployee Piece Efficiency Report Results

I’m running some reports on the following page that shows for a specific PRCPart and Entry date, how long does it take a user to perform a build operation. What i’m noticing is that once I click on the “submit” button, the “build Operation” selection returns to the default " (No Operation)" in which case there is no way to know for sure (when exporting) which build operation was selected as part of running the report…

(… /otd/reports/employee_piece_efficiency) .

if the Build operation is a search criteria, if it should be a selectable column option as otherwise there is no reference to the selected report criteria when exporting or viewing…

In this screenshot below, I ran the report against a specific build operation but there is no way of know what that is on the screen even though I know the date range, PRCPart, Operator…

On a different note, It would be nice to see the following search criteria be selectable column options…

or someway to document in the exported file the search criteria the results were based on…

  • Warehouse Location
  • Production Line
  • Order
  • Build Operation
  • Intercompany?
  • R&D?


Hi Regis,

Thanks for the questions/info here! We can take this to our engineering team and see about doing some improvements to the reporting.

With this type of thing, typically any change would be added as part of the next minor update (i.e. 3.11.2 as instead of .1). We’ll let you know if they say otherwise about it, or if there’s any follow up needed.


Hi Regis,

Engineering fixed the Build Operation drop down not keeping the selected option. We also added the Build Operation name as a column on the report.
We are not able to add the other fields you mentioned because the report groups the data by user.

These changes will be in your environment soon.