Error : Invoice Created Failed : Can't find linked PO

We’re getting an error when trying to complete this internal order.

" Error: Invoice Creation Failed: {UNKNOWN}: Can’t find linked PO! at lib/Cetec/Reboot/Schema/ResultSet/ line 1253"

But the PO is listed on the left, and still open. This has happened a couple times recently, and I’m not sure what we’re doing now that is causing this.

Thanks for any help!!

Has anyone had any additional experience with this issue? We’re still having this happen on occasion.


Hi @jthomas,

Let us take a look at that order, and see if we can determine what’s causing it to give you that error.
Are there any other order numbers you could provide us where you’re seeing the same issue? That might help narrow down to similarities between them.


I don’t have too many others right now, but this one is also behaving that way.

@jthomas There are a few things that seem odd about both those examples.

First of all, each of those orders has 2 linked POs, typically the internal orders would only have 1 linked po per order.
Secondly, none of the PO lines reference which line on the order they came from. Usually there would be something on the PO line that says “Created from Order **** Line *”.

While neither of those specifically explain the error, it does all paint a picture of something unusual happening surrounding the orders. Is there anything you can think of that might have happened that was out of the ordinary, or some part of the process where the plan deviated from what would normally be done? Understanding the steps around the order creation and any changes/edits will help us investigate /reproduce the issue, as well as hopefully find the root cause.


Typically, the way those orders are created is through the commit to order screen. So in this case, those orders were created from top order 8316.12. Sometimes we’re using the create wo option within the order as well.

However, I am noticing now that order 8316.12 is completed. Could that be affecting the closing process for the orders created from that order?

We have had some problems in the past where we would update the part number for the order, after it was created, but it wouldn’t update through everywhere. So we’re not doing that anymore, just to mitigate that possibility.

Thank you for that information Jackie, we’re going to continue investigating this and see if we can determine any series of actions/events that may be leading to the strange behavior you’re seeing.

@jthomas We took a look at this with our engineers. We weren’t able to nail down a specific cause for the POs to not know they were linked to the build orders, so please continue to look out for that and let us know if you find others where that seems to be happening.

In this case, what was strange is that the internal PO that was supposed to be linked had a different qty than the build order. Was there a qty change somewhere in the order hierarchy that happened and maybe didn’t trickle through correctly?

Either way, engineering cleaned up that data, and re-established the link between the PO and the build order, so you should be able to complete/receive those two now.

Let us know if you run into any other like this, especially if you are able to identify the cause for why the POs seem to become disassociated despite still being linked in the side menu.