Error when applying customer payment


I am trying to apply a customer payment and when I go to complete the payment I am getting the error message below.

Error: Payment Not Updated. Can’t call method “id” on an undefined value at /home/Cetec-ERP/lib/Cetec/Reboot/Schema/ResultSet/ line 3798.

Can someone help me figure out why this is happening. I have not encountered this since i have started with CETEC about a year ago.

I wonder, is it possible you are missing a GL mapping - similar to this post? Invoicing Errors - #2 by Joe

Hi @Mhapken,

@sbeausoleil is correct, the first thing to do would be to check and make sure your gl mappings are correct, as that can cause issues when transactions post to the ledger. How To Set Up Default G/L Transaction Mapping

After you’ve done that, please let us know if you’re still having trouble completing this payment.