Error with Vendor on Order



Hopefully the picture says 1000 words… we are struggling to get a fresh order through our system. The error says the there is no vendor for the part, we have ensured the part has a preferred vendor but that information does not seem to being coming through into the quote. The drop down menu is blank, this may just me being a bit amateurish, but some help or ideas would be great.

Joe @ Dynamic Metrics

@NachJo We’ll look in to this and see if we can determine why you’re unable to commit that order and create the PO for that part.

@NachJo Looks like what happened here is your internal vendor record was somehow set to no longer be internal. Even though you’re opting not to build, the check is still looking for the field to be filled out, and that’s what’s causing the error.

To correct this, you’ll need to go to https://[your cetec url]/vendor/1/edit and then set inter-company to Yes.

After that, you should be able to commit the order with that subassembly set to not build, which will drive the demand for stock and allow you to create the external PO.

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It worked, thank you!

No problem, glad you were able to get that one sorted out!