Estimated Labor data

I am looking for a report that will download estimated labor by operation for numerous orders. I could then combine that information with actual labor reported by operation to analyze differences. Does anyone know a way to get this information? Clicking through order by order takes an inordinate amount of time if you are analyzing a lot of data.

Hi Steve!

Great question. If you navigate to ‘Production>MGMT>View Work’ you’ll see all time stamps on jobs. If your employees are selecting which build operations they are doing in a given timestamp, you’ll see the estimate compared to the actual on that report. Disclaimer, if your employees don’t select the specific operation when they log time, you will see a ‘0’ in the ‘Est. Time’ columns.

Be sure the columns ‘Est Time’ and ‘Time Spent’ displayed.

Let me know if you have any follow up questions here!

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Thank you. We are walking through that with the production team. We are working on getting better accuracy with clocking into jobs on the floor, but the pulldown when you clock in has numerous locations to clock into (17 for one random example), while the estimate only has 4. So we can’t look at any historical info and going forward it will be very difficult to get someone clocked in exactly as the estimate is broken down. If they misstated one operation slightly, the report would show no estimate and we would be chasing labor variances where there may be no variance. Would they be able to create a report to bring down all estimate data given a period of time? If you have any other ideas on how we can get downloadable information to be able to improve our analysis of labor at the operation level it would really be helpful! Thanks!

We have an issue in Engineering’s “To Review” list to assist with this. The idea is that it will only show Work Locations & Build Operations that are valid for that Order.
We also have an idea on that “To Review” list to put a “Start / Stop” Work button on each Work Location / Build Operation on the Work View screen.
We’re not sure yet which direction that will go, but wanted you to know that we are looking into ways to make that operation easier to use.

The primary reports that we have that address this are the Production > MGMT > Labor Efficiency, and Sales > Invoices > Invoice Labor Variance.
You can also test variance on the ‘Production>MGMT>View Work’ screen.
The Labor Efficiency & View Work screens are heavily dependent on users inputting the exact operations. The Invoice Labor Variance screen is more general.

What metrics are you looking for in the “all estimate data” report you mentioned? This may be helpful to Engineering.


Yes, thank you for your response.

For the “all estimate data”, I am trying to gather data for estimate and actual, at the work location/operation level so I could dump out orders in a specific period of time, say a month or two, and I could compare that estimate data with actual data downloaded from the view work screen.

Since they aren’t currently reporting to the exact operations per the estimate, and doing this may prove to be difficult to change quickly, if I could grab the data then I could compare say the 4 estimate operations to the 7-10 operations they actually clocked into, and I would know I am not missing data, and it would be at the level that would help them analyze issues (operation level).

I looked at the 3 reports currently:

PROD>MGMT>LAB EFF: This gives me zero for most estimates because of clocking in differences mentioned

INVOICE>LABOR VARIANCE: This gives a total est vs actual, but I don’t know at the operation level where the issues are

PROD>MGMT>VIEW WORK: This also gives me zero for most estimates

Since I can access actual data at this level, getting all estimated data would give the tools to access and analyze many orders or time periods without looking at orders one by one

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