Expedited shipping order notification

We have been struggling with trying to figure out a way to receive a notification when our customers generate an order through our website and request expedited shipping. We have an API that generates the quotes in Cetec, but when someone requests expedited shipping, we would like to figure out some way of seeing that on a quote report, or getting some kind of notification that a quote has been created with something other than ground shipping.
Any ideas?

Hey Jared,
Are you using the importjson/quotes API? see documentation at the very bottom of the page: yoururl.cetecerp.com/importjson/overview
If so, you should be able to use the ship_via key on the quote level of your submission in order to choose a different shipping method.
My suggestion here would be to set up an expedited shipping method in Data Maintenance > SHPCDE, populate the external key, and then use that key as the value for the “ship_via” key in your quote submission if your customer selects “expedited shipping”.

If you’re using external_keys, be sure that they are unique, and alpha-numeric (so, couldn’t get confused with a numeric id in the future).

Hope that helps!

We are using the “Ship_via” Key, that is not the problem.
The problem is, there is no way to generate a list in Cetec of quotes and look at “ship via” in a quote list to see if certain orders need to be expedited. It’s not an API issue, it’s that your quote list does not show “ship via” and we are trying to come up with some way to get these quotes that have expedited shipping to be found easily.

You are right, we don’t display that. I’ll submit that as a feature request to Engineering and see if they are able to put it into the product. I believe the reason they haven’t to date is due to speed concerns, so I’m making no promises here.

If they are not able to get it into the product for whatever reason, you could solve this with a bonus column. (bonus columns can be submitted via that API as well), you just have to refer to them by their technical name. Usually “my_bonus_column_bc” or something similar.

I think we may have an idea on our end. I think we can add some code to the Zap to add an “E-” to the front of the PO# as an easily found identifier for orders that are 2nd day, 3 day, or next day shipping.