Exports over $2500.00

Is there a field in Cetec to enter an export ITN# when shipping?


We created a “bonus” field within the “Quote” section…Users can enter the ITN# into this text field up shipping/invoicing.

Thank you for this idea. I believe it would be acceptable to use a bonus column when only invoicing out of Cetec and using an external program like FedEx Ship Manager to ship/export. FedEx Ship Manager triggers the ITN# to be a required field for examples like exports exceeding $2500. In our situation we’re using the ShipEngine plugin within Cetec for invoicing + shipping. The ITN# would need to be electronically fed through the API to the courier like FedEx. It would also be more beneficial to have Cetec interact with ShipEngine and the courier we are using to automate the ITN to be required when the value of this shipment in Cetec is over $2500 as well as when items are export controlled by their assigned ECCN.