Filling in Newly created Bonus Column field - 500 Internal Server error

I created a new bonus column field under the “Contacts” page. I’d like to add/incorporate a weblink inside a contact. I created this field as a “Text - 100char” but every time I fill it out, I get the 500 internal server error.

Am i doing something wrong?

I’ve tried logging out, then logging back in. No difference…

If i populate it with a weblink, it gives me the internal error.
If I populate it with a word, it doesn’t give me an error, but it also doesn’t record the word in the textbox…

@regisphilbin It does seem like something odd may be happening here. We’ll investigate and update you here as soon as we have some more information.


@regisphilbin That bonus column should be working for you now.

For our customers who host Cetec on their own servers, a service restart is required when adding bonus columns.

Let us know if you continue having trouble with it!

I verified it worked. Which service requires re-starting? is it something we can do internally? if so, how?