ftp logo

Hi, I was wondering if there is a place to upload or ftp a couple versions of our logo that we want to show up on customized label templates and or system generated document pdfs.

Hi Ryan,

Are you asking how to replace the default logo or do you mean is there a way to have several alternatives, pre-loaded?

In the “My Documents” under the sandwich menu you could upload any documents or images you wanted to be saved on Cetec.

To have that image populate to a label template you would need to make a custom doc that uses that image instead of the system default image.

One potential workaround, you could change the company logo under Admin>Config Settings> Config Wizard/ First Login. This would change the image that appears everywhere on the site including the documents you send out. After sending the document with the image you preferred you could switch back by repeating these steps. This workaround is a bit tedious, but it is free and available in the present system

Hopefully this helps answer your question!

yes that’s great. I globalized it.