Gantt Chart


I’ve been trying to use Gantt Chart since last year however, something or the other doesn’t work for us as it should be. Are you currently doing anything to make it work smoothly so that we can use this feature to increase our efficiency. Does anyone else using or tried to use Gantt Chart?

I’m also interested in this feature.

I had once asked how I could add “tasks” to the Gantt view. The response is that you need to add steps to a labor plan and a time estimate for that task.

then " … go back to the work order, from the center of the page, find the Work Start Date field where it says “(Schedule)”. Click that “Schedule” link, and reschedule forwards or backwards on the Gantt chart from the work start date (reschedule forwards) or from the ship date (reschedule backwards). That would add an additional segment to the gantt chart"

Thanks for your reply. Have you been using Gantt Chart lately? If yes, did you face any problems.

Actually, I’ve tried scheduling and I’m continuously trying to work with Gantt chart however, the real problem starts when you’d try to re-schedule any order that has already been scheduled in the Gantt Chart.

For instance:
• It leads to orders overlapping problems as multiple orders starts at the same time
• If a particular part has multiple processes then the second process becomes the first or processes are jumbled in a way which doesn’t even make sense

If Cetec team can somehow ease the maneuverability of order’s bar on Gantt Chart then this would be extremely helpful.

Hi Cetec Team,

It would be really helpful if you could throw some light on this issue.

@vaibhav Can you elaborate/restate the issue you’re having with the Gantt Chart feature?
You mentioned the problems with rescheduling orders. But your original post was rather vague, “something or the other doesn’t work for us as it should be.”

We’re happy to look in to any issues that may be present, or explore options to improve the functionality here.