Gantt Chart


I’ve been trying to use Gantt Chart since last year however, something or the other doesn’t work for us as it should be. Are you currently doing anything to make it work smoothly so that we can use this feature to increase our efficiency. Does anyone else using or tried to use Gantt Chart?

I’m also interested in this feature.

I had once asked how I could add “tasks” to the Gantt view. The response is that you need to add steps to a labor plan and a time estimate for that task.

then " … go back to the work order, from the center of the page, find the Work Start Date field where it says “(Schedule)”. Click that “Schedule” link, and reschedule forwards or backwards on the Gantt chart from the work start date (reschedule forwards) or from the ship date (reschedule backwards). That would add an additional segment to the gantt chart"

Thanks for your reply. Have you been using Gantt Chart lately? If yes, did you face any problems.

Actually, I’ve tried scheduling and I’m continuously trying to work with Gantt chart however, the real problem starts when you’d try to re-schedule any order that has already been scheduled in the Gantt Chart.

For instance:
• It leads to orders overlapping problems as multiple orders starts at the same time
• If a particular part has multiple processes then the second process becomes the first or processes are jumbled in a way which doesn’t even make sense

If Cetec team can somehow ease the maneuverability of order’s bar on Gantt Chart then this would be extremely helpful.

Hi Cetec Team,

It would be really helpful if you could throw some light on this issue.

@vaibhav Can you elaborate/restate the issue you’re having with the Gantt Chart feature?
You mentioned the problems with rescheduling orders. But your original post was rather vague, “something or the other doesn’t work for us as it should be.”

We’re happy to look in to any issues that may be present, or explore options to improve the functionality here.

Have a look at this below image, this is the issue.

As per our part, the labor process starts with “Bend Program”, “Laser Program”, Laser Cut", “Brake Press” and finally “Drill Press” however, as per this Gantt Chart the first process is “Brake Press” and then “Drill Press” which starts even before “Brake Press” completion. So, this is what I was talking about. Work orders, processes overlaps each other’s time, the sequence of labor processes is not correct as well and this is when I’ve just tried to schedule 2 orders.

@vaibhav Thanks for providing those details! We’ll have to do some digging here and try to figure out why the chart doesn’t appear to be to be displaying properly. We’ll update you as soon as we know more.

Thanks, do you think this is something which can be sorted out soon enough? I’ve been in regular touch with Cetec’ team regarding this since last year even so nothing significant happened yet. We really want to use this function and keep everything in Cetecerp itself however, if this is something which might take months then I might look for other alternatives.
Please let me know.

Difficult to provide any concrete timeline here, but we’ll continue working on it and try to get you some information as soon as possible.

Thanks for your patience here!

@vaibhav After looking in to this with our engineering team, we can’t find any evidence that the Gantt chart is working any way other than expected.
Specifically in the example you sent, according to the useage log, seems like those scheduled times were changed manually.
You should be able to reschedule those from the workorder page for that order.

If you can provide any other examples of the system scheduling things on the chart in an unexpected way let us know.



After this recent update 3.10.2 some things seems to be sorted out however, I have noticed that no matter what time of the time we schedule our orders at, they will still be scheduled from the starting of the day which in our case is 7am. This creates problems as we have to then manually change all the orders in Gantt Chart which is a huge task.
For instance, see the below attached image. I tried to schedule this order at 2:30 pm here and even then the order is scheduled starting from 7am. Do you know how can we fix this?

Hi Cetec Team,

Is anyone working on this? It’s actually been a long time since we’re going back and forth with your team and nothing concrete has been done so far. So, I’d like to know that whether someone working on it or not. If yes, then do provide an update.

On top of the previous issue, I’m facing another issue wherein the orders are not even scheduled for all the working hours [i.e. 7am - 3pm]. Instead, they randomly move to next working day without even utilizing the hours for a previous day.

@vaibhav do you have a recent example of an order that you tried to reschedule to a different time of the day that went back to starting at 7am?

And what about an example of one that you believe should be scheduled as part of the remaining hours in a day, but is instead getting moved to the next day?

See the below screenshot, I’ve scheduled the order at 3:20pm local time and still it is scheduled since 7am in the morning.

Here the screenshot shows that orders are stretched to the next day even though we have capacity on the same day.

Where are you attempting to change the time the order/s start? We were able to click and drag those orders around the the chart without issue, and the changes stayed after refreshing the page and were also reflected on each workorders individual schedule.

Same question, what process are you using to try to schedule theses? Where are you making adjustments, which buttons are you clicking, etc? The more we know about what you’re doing specifically, the better we can attempt to reproduce and try to diagnose any problems.

We can also move them around but I’m saying if I schedule at 3pm then why it’s scheduled from 7am automatically? It should be scheduled from 3pm and if in case we feel like moving them around then we will do but moving all the orders doesn’t makes this whole process easy-to-implement.

I’m just clicking the “Schedule” and then “Reschedule Forwards” that’s it. After that I check Gantt Chart by location and then I notice all those previously mentioned issues.