Getting Started Guide (How-To Use Cetec ERP)

If you’re on a free trial of Cetec ERP, or if you’re starting ERP implementation from scratch, here are a few decent guides you could use as a starting point:

  • Getting Started Guide - 10 steps to help you learn how to use Cetec ERP at your company.

  • Tips & Tricks - this is a refresher guide on basic web browser usage. Cetec ERP is web-native, so a savvy web browser user makes a savvy Cetec ERP user! (Note: we recommend using Google Chrome)

What has helped you learn how to use ERP systems? Comment on this thread and let the community know about your experience learning ERP!

The “getting started guide” link is broken, but more importantly, we are giving our design engineers access to Cetec and there are no suggested user roles outlined Suggested User Role Assignments (

Have you contemplated what roles to recommend so engineers and/or engineering change control personnel can do their job?

We found that the assigned roles of “User, Doc Control, Engineer, Production, ECO” has generally worked well for us but it did not allow the engineers to upload documents to the parts except through an ECO.

In order to upload documents to an individual part during a documentation clean up project, Engineers had to be temporarily assigned the “Part Edit” role.

Thanks for the heads up, we’ve fixed those two links.

A user with these roles can upload documents to a part, but when they do so the documents are added to a queue for approval. A user with Admin privileges will have to go to Admin > Docs > Docs Pending Approval to approve and set the docs as active on the part record. Beyond that, you’re correct that giving them the Part Edit role would allow them to upload the docs directly without having to go through the approval queue.