GL Update at Invoice Update is not updating GL

I am trying to update an invoice material cost that was incorrect because of internal orders. I have tried to update with the Update GL button and without. Neither one updates my GL to match my new cost. It is my invoice # 3588.1. (I will not be adding links, you can email me if you want more information)

Hi Kelly!

Thanks for jumping on the forum; happy to help you!

When updating cost in the ‘Invoice>Edit’ screen, it does not also update your ledger entry for that account. You’ll need to manually update the ledger entry and the invoice.

I hope this clears things up for you and have a great day!

So, what does the update GL button do. Also, it always updated my GL prior to this. I have been doing it for two years. Please advise.

Hi Kelly,

I just spoke with my engineering team on this issue and it looks like it ought to update material cost, etc. if the ‘Update G/L’ checkbox is set.

I have a test case for my team to create a fix now. It will be live in your environment shortly. For now, you’ll need to do a manual ledger entry update.

Thank you for the catch here!