Had to uninvoice and now prepayment to original order is gone

Hi Cetec,

I need help! We had to uninvoice 6149.1 and redo it. It already had 50% payment on Order 6149.1 and final payment once invoiced. I unposted the final payment, but assumed (incorrectly) that the prepayment would stay with Order 6149.1. There is a warning that says it’s prepaid, but it’s not really. I tried to reopen Deposit 477 (the 50% prepayment), but it won’t let me. Can you help me figure out where this money is so I can apply it?

The new invoice is 6149.1-3. You’ll see a payment from September on there. That’s the final payment that I re-entered.

Here’s the original Order 6149.1:

Here’s the 50% down deposit from July (Deposit 477):

Thank you so much for your help!!!


Hello Nicole,

In order to find where that payment went I navigated to the Accounting module → selected A/R → and selected Unapplied Cash which takes you here:

Entered the customer name & made sure to change the status to all clicked submit and that unapplied cash list has the payment you were looking for. That payment is showing up here because the order was uninvoiced before the payment was reopened and disconnected the payment from the original invoice.

Unfortunately there is no way to reopen that payment (the system forbids this process) to transfer it over to the new invoice… the only way to have done that is to reopen the payment - uninvoice the order - and transfer it to the new invoice created.

A solution to your issue would be to create a credit memo for the amount of the prepayment to the new invoice 6149.1-3 which will offset that payment that was disconnected.

If there is anything else I can help with please reach out.

Cetec ERP Support