Hide Dashboard

I wanna remove dashboards on our user homepage. Kindly guide me how I do this,

Rana Muneeb

Hi @rana826,

Dashboards are set per user, but if you hover over the dashboard you want to remove you should see an X that appears in the top right corner.


Cetec ERP Support

When we remove dashboard from the X that appears in the top right corner its not a permanent solution because when user refresh the home page or login again the dashboard show again in the user homepage.
Basically we need to remove dashboards permanently on our user homepage we don’t want show invoice values dashboard or other dashboards data to show our some users. Kindly how I hide dashboards.
Like, these dashboard we don’t wanna show.
Capture 1

Rana Muneeb

Hi Rana,
We have an update coming for this in the upcoming release. We have been adding back to the page a couple of commonly used dashboards (if there were none present), but by request from you and others this will no longer be the case starting in the next few weeks.


Thank you for the update.