Historical record of Parts/revisions used in build

I seem to have found an “issue” with the record of an old Work order. I was trying to pull up the traceability of the Part # used in Work Order 210.1. My goal is to find which version of “SWP000011” and SWP000012" I used in this build.

Can you let me know the best way to find this info?

I used the “BOM TREE Print” (/otd/order/222/bom_tree_print) in the documents folder of the Work order and it is inaccurately showing “current” revision of all the parts in this BOM’s data, not the historical version…i think this can be very misleading!.

For example SWP000011 on this report shows up as 21170001 but i know this to not be the correct version.

Hopefully I can clarify original post.

This Order specific BOM has been updated with a Revision of Software that I want to capture for future reference. I can’t seem to find a report that allows me to retrieve this information once the Work Order has closed…

Screenshot is related to this BOM

At this point, i can see which version i’m using. I’d like be able to find out, historically, when this part revision changed over during production but this part (SWP000001) doesn’t show up in any BOMS…

Good Afternoon Regis,

When looking at order 210.1 it does not show as having used prcpart (SWP000011) OR (SWP000012) as components on this order. These components were never relieved from inventory directly to this invoice. You can see this by looking at the ‘Component Data’ section on the workorder view page here (/otd/order/222/work_view). Click on the ‘Show/Hide’ and it will show you all the components on this orders TEMP BOM.

When looking at the invoice Details/Serials page (/invoice/111/part_details) it also displays all the components that were consumed for this order. This would be where you would look to see Historical Revisions for components used on old orders.

Let us know if you have any questions.


ok. Starting to understand. I see that the “Component data” on this Work order (/otd/order/1203/work_view)
shows consumed components for WO 1117.1, which includes the SWP000011 and SWP000012 revisions.

Is there anyway to look at this from the Part side of things? for example, I’d like to get a list of all WO#s that used SWP000011 revision “19200001”, for example…


Because this prcpart is a non-inventory item it is a little harder to look up the orders it was shipped on. Normally you could look up this via the ‘Component/Base Part Shipments’ report, but this is not the case as this is non-inventory.

There is a way to look up specifically for prcpart SWP000011 using the Sales History Report (/part/175/sales_hist) from the part record, but you will have to manually open each workorder line to see the revision used for each work order.

Let us know if there are any questions or issues.

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