How do I block Users from seeing Invoice Values on the Homepage?

Hi @jake,
The widgets available to each user should be limited based on the roles they been assigned. Meaning if a user can see the widget that has invoice values, then likely they’re able to see those values elsewhere in the system.
Is there a user who is seeing them that you don’t think should be able to based on their assigned roles?

The User ‘Dayna’ shouldn’t be able to see the Invoice Values.

I would like those with only Admin access to see the Invoice Values.

Any update on how to limit Users from seeing the Invoice Values on the Homepage?

@jake Apologies for the slow reply.

This can be done using access controls to block that widget from view for users that would otherwise normally be able to see it. We’ve got very detailed information on how to do that on our site here: User Access Control & Customized Roles

The specific controller/action combo you’re looking for is dashboard/shipments_data

Cliffsnotes: You’re going to create a custom role that you’ll assign to users who you want to restrict from seeing the widget. You’ll use access controls to deny access to “dashboard/shipments_data” for the new role.

Let us know if you have any additional questions about it!