How can we reset check numbers for a bank account?

Where can we go in and reset check numbers for a bank account? We’ve looked in Config Settings, etc. We’ve also tried manually changing the number on a check and when we create a new check it goes back to the previous sequence.

Typically the check numbers work by looking for the highest check number in the sequence, and then the new checks end up with number=highest number+1. So you should be able to set the sequence to something new without issue as long as the new sequence numbers are higher than the previous sequence.

Let us look and confirm what the best way is to change the sequence to something that is lower than what was previously being used. We’ll get back to you about it as soon as we can.

@robinl We’re still looking in to this for you.
Can you elaborate on what you’re wanting to happen specifically here?
Do you know what the original/current sequence was started with? And what are you looking to set it to now?

We have just reset the sequence to a number higher and are going with that. Basically we have 2 bank accounts (one has check numbers in the 33000 range and one in the 1000 range). AP ran checks out of wrong account (with the higher check numbers) and we were trying to move the payment to the other account and reprint the checks and we could not change the check numbers back to the 1000’s. We have decided to just start at 50000 for that account to resolve the issue (just knowing we are going from check number 1017 to 50001).

Glad you were able to get it resolved to a point of being able to carry on.
We’ve passed along the original root of the issue (being unable to set the sequence to a lower number) to our development team for review as a potential area of improvement in the future.