How do you reopen a closed line on a quote?

We had a quote that we closed because we received no response. Now they have sent over a PO. When I reopen the quote it still has the original line listed as a closed line on the now open quote. How do I reopen a line?


@robinl - I believe, if you toggle the “Show Open Lines” / “Show Closed Lines” selectbox on the closed quote, then on the closed quote line, scroll to the right and click the “clone line” icon/button, that should do it.

Hope this helps, let us know!

The icons only display for open lines. After you close a quote - the right area displays the reason the quote/line was closed and no icons are available.

@robinl - hm… that is strange. We will look into why those icons are not appearing.

In the meantime, it might be fastest and best to clone the entire old closed quote into a new quote, and reference the old quote number in the header, and re-send to the customer.