How To Modify The Bin Barcode Labels

We would like to be able to modify the bin barcode label content (1" x 3" label). How can this be done easily?


@JSystems It’s definitely doable, though easily is going to be relative to the skillset you have at your disposal.

The Bin Barcode can be edited by changing the custom doc at …com/customdocument/22/edit
You’ll download the existing document, and then make the desired changes and upload the edited one.

You’ll need some knowledge of html and javascript. If you or someone at your company isn’t able to handle that, or you’d prefer to have us make the changes for you, then email and they can get you a quote for having one of our engineers make those changes on your behalf.

HTML and Javascript isn’t an issue, but lack of information is.

Where do I find a list of the variables used in label and reports? For example, what if I want to add Dwg Number to a Bin Label - what is the variables name I need to reference for Dwg Number?

There are a couple of different ways to go about it.
One would be to look at an existing document that already has the piece of data you’re wanting to add, and then copy the variable from there in to the document you’re editing.
The other would be to use a key function to generate a list of available variables based on the specific document.

We’ve got some thorough info about both of those from this presentation that was given at our 2019 user conference:

Let us know if you’re still having issue with finding a specific bit of data after going through that!