HTML reference to Work Order Line Comment

On the Order Work List document, I am looking for the specific reference to the order line comment (Use 3068.1 for example) If I populate line 1 with a comment or two, they do not appear on the Work_List document. Currently on our report, it has that line in place but the comments are not showing up. The line is currently:

Comment: [% order_line.comment2 %]

Did that reference ‘Oder_Line.Comment’ change to something else? Can I get that new reference?

That order looks to have already been closed, so it’s difficult to check the line comments versus the work list.

Do you have any examples of an open order with the comment filled on the order line that isn’t showing on your work list?

My apologies. I mixed up the numbers… The actual order number is 3608.1.

And just to verify, you’re wanting the comments from the comments tab of the workorder view to show, as opposed to comments that might be added to a line via order/edit, is that correct?

Yeah that’s correct.

We confirmed with our engineering team that no recent changes were made here. They also verified that comment2 is pulled from the “Line Comments” on the order line:

If the workorder comments are what you’re looking to have shown on your work lists, that is certainly something that can be done. Please reach out to and we can get you a quote for the engineering time to complete that. As a reminder, all Support/assistance for custom documents and related issues is billable.

Let us know if you have any additional questions!