HTML Use on Dashboard


What are the HTML limitations on the Cetec Homepage Content tool? I am trying to add an iframe (which embeds another web page) to the dashboard but nothing is displaying. In the update homepage content area, no matter what link I use shows “Refused to connect”.

Is there a limitation on this? I tried enabling “Allow Unsafe Tags” config setting but that did not make a difference so I changed it back to off.

Please let me know what the limitations are. Thanks!


I tried making hyperlinks “Open in a new window”, but even when that configuration is set for the respective hyperlink, it still opens in the same window. How can I fix this / utilize this function?

@cetecerp26 - hello,

Reminding for a reply since it has been a few days. Thank you

Hi Tej,

Thank you for your patience! iframe is a filtered html tag and I’m not sure that will ever work for you. We do have a config that allows unsafe tags and should allow you to create a static image with an href to a URL of your choice if that config is turned on. Without it you can create a simple text hyperlink that opens in a new tab. In order for a URL to open in a new tab you must utilize the target attribute… please see below.

Safe tags which are allowed by default are…

a, b, br, h1, h2, h3, caption, center, em, i, li, ol, p, span, strong, sub, sup, table, thead, tbody, th, td, tr, u, ul…

Unsafe tags that are allowed if the config is set to 1…

video, source, img, style