HTS Code Not printing on packing slip - sometimes

Hi guys,

For some reason starting today, the HTS code is not always printing on the packing slip. It is on the part number and when looking at the ones that are printing and the ones that are not printing, I cannot figure out a difference. I have tried updating the ones not printing, etc, but nothing is working. If you look at packing slip 8299.1-4, line #18 is not printing the HTS code. I will have them not bill this today, so you have time to look at it before we bill.



Has this issue been resolved for you? A couple of our customers had this same issue but I believe it has been fixed.


Cetec ERP Support

Hi guys,

No, it is not resolved. Shipping said today they went in to change a weight on an item and didn’t touch the HTS code, but then it deleted the HTS code when they updated. They re-entered it and it wouldn’t print on the packing slip at all. The order was 8382.1, part number 2021823-001-REV-52. We have asked them not to bill it until tomorrow afternoon. I feel like it has something to do with editing the part, but I cannot pinpoint it.

Let me know.


@kellym Sorry for the confusion and inconvenience here.
We’ve made a temporary change to your packing slip custom doc that should ensure that the HTS codes entered on your part records will show on your packing slips. We will resolve the underlying issue on our side, and then once we have that resolved we will make sure to go back and reset your packing slips back to the default.

Please let us know if you continue to experience this issue in the meantime. Thanks!


Hey guys! It is happening again. I am not sure if the temporary fix was removed with the upgrade? Even the HTS code being entered on newer parts is not there when we go back in to the part, so not only is it not printing on the packing slip, but it also is removing it from the part number file??

Let me know what you think. Thanks!

You should now be using the default version of the order packing slip PDF, the customization we did to that was only temporary to bridge the gap while we put the permanent fix in place there. If that’s not working presently, can you please provide an example of a current order where the packing slip is not showing the HTS code?

For the part records, can you provide an example of a part where the HTS code was added but is no longer showing? And can you specify how the HTS code was added? Manually via the part edit page, or by an import, or some other means?

Hi guys!

Sorry, I had to get some examples for you. Here are two that will ship this week and we have been shipping for a while with an HTS code, but now the code is gone.

Part# HOC2532-50 BLACK for order# 9950.1-7 has lost the HTS code.
Part# COT9402-05-00TR for order# 8036.1-1 has lost the HTS code.
Also, per Margaret:
Some days we have none and other days we have to look up every HTS code and input them.

Let me know if you guys find something! Thanks so much!

@kellym The HTS code should be coming from the part record. Of note, this changed within the past year. Previously HTS code was stored at the warehouse/inv level, but now it it on the Part level.

For both of your examples, if you go to the part record and look at the part/header data (not the warehouse data), you’ll see that the ‘Tariff (HTS)’ field is blank. Editing that and putting the HTS code there should solve this issue for you.

Please let us know if you have any other questions, or have further issues after making that update to the part data.