When entering a sales order, Cetec won’t allow me to commit the order due to credit hold. Is this something new? In the past, Cetec would only stop a shipment due to credit hold and you were allowed to clear it. There is no place to clear this one. In addition, when I go back in to look at that quote, it shows an open quote but no listing of the quote.

Link attached of quote worksheet on credit hold.


Good Afternoon Susan,

There was a config setting that was turned on across all environments with the new release of 4.13 named prevent_order_restricted_customers. If you search that config setting in your environment you’ll see that is set to 1.

Turning that config setting off (or setting it to 0 in that field) and clicking set will deactivate the credit hold restriction from committing quote to order. There was a change put it place to restrict quotes being commit to order if the customer is on credit hold.

Originally this used to only impact the ability to invoice customers that were on credit hold, but that change that was put in place put this restriction on the commit to order process. Turning off that config will allow you to commit quotes to order regardless of credit status.

Cetec ERP Support