Implementation Support!

Our team recently published our Implementation white paper, ‘Implementation Roadmap: How Do I Launch Cetec ERP At My Company?’ (link below)

For those who have undergone a successful Cetec ERP implementation, we would love to hear your advice for those who are either imminently considering or poised to begin their company’s transition to the platform!

A few prompts from our white paper to get you thinking…

  1. the white paper offers 4 options companies have for selecting an implementation partner:
  • Cetec ERP’s in-house implementation team

  • company’s own in-house implementation team

  • Cetec ERP-certified implementation partner

  • other third-party implementation partner

    Which route did your company take, and what was your experience like?

  1. Data conversion. Were there any hiccups during this process? How did thoroughness of data conversion prepare your team for training with the platform?

  2. Process Modeling / Documentation & Training. Companies many times opt to establish a group of “super-users” that train extensively with the Cetec ERP Team, and then in turn take responsibility for training other company employees.

    Did your team utilize this strategy? How did you select your super-users? What benefits have you seen from having Cetec ERP-trained “super-users”?

  3. Configuration. Did your company request any custom development? If so, please explain how this aided your company in transitioning to Cetec and what internal processes required the customization.

These are just a few ideas - please feel free to refer to anything else in white paper or otherwise related to implementing Cetec ERP at your company!

As well, if you are new to the Cetec ERP community, we welcome any questions on the implementation process.