Importing DATA with CSV

HI! We would like to import data about what we have on hands. I tried to import data from Admin-Data Import. I’ve choose “Inventory” and tried many other option - to choose “all warehouses”, one of warehouse, click to update, to delete or Create Ledger Entries. The result always is the same

Can you help us and send the instruction how should I make import of inventory items?

Hey Oxna,

Thanks for reaching out to Cetec support on our forum! I can definitely get some documentation sent over your way regarding the import process. I do have a few questions on the error you’re getting though if you don’ mind:

  1. Are you getting this 500 error regardless of the data import ‘type’ you’re trying to conduct for your inventory?
  2. Are you trying to import an xls or csv file into Cetec >> API’s and More >> Data Import?
  3. When you ‘import’ the file and select your column headers to use for the import is everything formatted according to the columns you select?
  4. When you click the ‘update’ button to push that import through do you receive any other errors?
  5. If you can/want to share the xls or csv file you’re trying to import I can take that and try to reproduce the issue as well (you’d just need to share that here on the forum case).

I’ll get started on the documentation portion of this ticket and get that to you as soon as I can. If you can provide answers to the questions listed above I can try to reproduce this error and see what might be causing that to happen.

Cetec ERP Support

Hi! Thank you for your detailed answer… Today everything is fine and I was able to make inventory import!

Maybe you could help with a little bit different issue… May I import image url for parts with help of csv file and not api?

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