In process inspection by quantity?

We are in a high volume business with many types of failure modes. Is there a way to set up inspections so we can note the quantity of each failure type rather than give each bad part a failure type? Our volumes are too high to go through and label every bad part. What we are looking for would be something like:

  • Failure type 1 - QTY
  • Failure type 2 - QTY
  • Failure type 3 - QTY


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@joev How/Where are you performing your inspections and are these from purchase orders from a vendor or inspections for completed work orders?

These are for completed work orders. We also perform these after every critical step in our process.

Apologies for the delay as I didn’t see the incoming response. For what you’re needing, would this function more as a batch method to document failure counts, rather than documenting from the order directly?

I believe so, if I am understanding your question…

For example, in our old ERP, we used to be able to log “26 scratches, 15 broken edges, etc.” after each step in the process and it would keep a running count of the failures and then log the total on the order when completed. Dealing with technical glass, we are in a high-scrap and high volume industry. To make matters worse, we have almost 50 failure types. Logging what was wrong with each failed part is really cumbersome compared to logging the number of each defect we had.

Maybe that clarifies things a bit.

Hi Joe,

Thank you for the detailed response.

I checked internally and currently there is not a quick way to group failure into different reasons/codes. If you would like, I can get a determination on if we can build something out to accomplish this and what the estimated cost would be. Currently our engineering rate is $315/hr.

If you would like me to inquire of our engineering team, please send me a detailed response of what this feature/development request might look like along with the end goal that you are needing from the system that I can relay to my engineering team.

Thank you,

Cetec ERP Support