Inability to Transition PQuote Workflow - "Submitting for approval"

We have a user who is having difficulty with transition a PQUOTE workflow from “Working” to “Submit for Approval”. User is (…/user/5/edit)

We’ve been using a test PO (…/pquote/7246/view) along with changing permissions to see if he’s able to transition into the “Submit for approval” state…after 5 seconds, it returns him to the “working” state under his own name…

I’ve given him Admin permissions and that did not make a difference…it seems to follow his user profile…
we’ve also tried different computers, different browsers, to no avail…

I did notice that the POST string submitted between myself and him differ in the order of commands…does this matter?


It sounds like you’ve taken a lot of steps to try to resolve this. I’m not sure off the top of my head if the different orders of commands matters.

Let me look into this on our end and see what we can see.

Cetec ERP Support


I was able to reproduce this issue. Even when I stopped impersonating that user and tried again, I ran into the same issue. I’m going to send this over to our engineers to take a look at.

I’ll let you know when there’s an update.

Cetec ERP Support

Thanks! It’s definitely a weird issue and one that we’ve spent quite a bit of time trying to track down.

I can tell you’ve been examining it from all angles. I’ll let you know when I hear more from the engineers.


Until we hear from the engineers, I did find a strange temporary workaround the might also work on your end. It seemed that if I set the workflow to “Submit for Approval” and assigned it to you (only you) it worked. From there, I could reassign it to someone else.


I heard back from our engineers. They assume you were seeing the issues with this in your production environment, but in your beta there was an issue for which they’ve made a fix.

Production didn’t have the code that had the bug. Can you confirm whether or not this is still an issue?


Cetec ERP Support

I verified that it now works in the beta site but it is really slow (takes about 7 seconds to move to “submit for approval” state.)

It still Does not work in the production environment. the same user #5 is unable to transition the workflow. The workflow returns to “working”, under his name.

Okay, circling back with the engineers.

We’re on 4.081 and the same user (#5) is unable to use the workflow transition through the NCR page to move the NCR to another user.


Let me look into what might be going on.

The Cetec Team

Also, looking back over this thread and the support ticket I created, I apologize that you did not get a response to this much earlier. I am going to include you as a collaborator on the ticket so that we can communicate with you there.

Here’s an example, in this case, routing within an NCR - <…/otd/ncr/611/edit#>

User #5.

According to the Access Control screen, under “Controller = "workflow:ncr”, this user has access when I “:Test User Access”. It shows “User Can Access Function”.

When this user tries to route a NCR workflow from initial Creation to “Send to Review”, it hangs for about 15 seconds, then shows " Success: NCR 611 moved to 'Creation’". It never actually routes user to “Review”…

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