Inclusive BOM with parts that are not consumed in production.

We have a few assemblies that incorporate components such as screws or tapes that we control using a Kan Ban system. We do this for example by issuing a box of screws to the floor and then we do not subtract a screw every time it is used in an assembly.

Is there a way to still allow these parts to be listed in the BOM so that we have a printable reference of all the device contains without having to have every single component consume when a work order is closed?

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Hi @kristina,

We have a setting that might be helpful in this situation: “enable_floor_stock”

Then, on your BOM components list check the floor stock box next to the part. This will make it so that part gets auto-picked when you go to pick other parts. Meaning, for example, you pick 9/10 parts on the pick list (the 10th being the floor stock part), when you click ‘update’ on the pick list to record your picks, it will auto pick the 10th part for you.

You’ll still have to track actual shelf qty, and may occasionally need to do an inventory adjustment as needed to ensure the system accurately reflects QOH.

Let us know if you have any other questions about it!

I’m wondering about this as well, but that didn’t seem to be what I’m looking for. We don’t really want to have to track inventory of something like zip ties, we just want to replenish with a Kanban system.

However, is it possible to still have a record in the BOM for assembly purposes? When the floor gets a work order, they can still see that they need 19 of PRC12345, but it won’t be in inventory for them to actually pick and consume.

Hi @jthomas,

So for your situation you may take better use of setting the part as ‘Non-Inventory’. A Non-Inventory part can still be added to a BOM and can still display on the Pick Parts List document for the traveler, but you wont see it on the pick page for the order.

Let us know if you think this would work to solve your needs.

Best Regards,

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I think this is what I’m looking for. Thanks so much!!

Hi @cetecerp5

Our situation is similar to jthomas’ however we would still like to have tracking on these items for example we will track that we have 5 packs of 150 zip ties in the back stock and we run this through MRP with ROPs so that we are never down on production due to a part like this.

The problem I have with the first suggestion (enable floor stock) is that we would have to keep inventory per part (each zip tie) or our bags of parts will appear as an odd decimal (we might have .78 of a 150 pack) and it is hard to know what that mean if someone were to cycle count the parts.

I don’t think that’s an issue. You should be able to set different UOMs for purchasing vs use. So, for example, you could have a purchasing UOM of ‘pkg’ and and production UOM of ea, and then for that part you could have a conversion of xEA=1pkg.