Incoming Inspection Locked - No QTY Accepted

I’m having issues going back and updating incoming inspection records. When I try to change the sstatus to “Open” in order to adjust the QTY accepted/QTY rejected, it pops this dialogue box up. I’ve now changed our incoming inspection to default to “pending” which has fixed the issue, but I still need to edit all the past reco


Hi Clark,

Sorry to see you’re having this issue. A couple of questions:

  1. Does the same thing happen if you try to change the inspection to pending instead of open?
  2. Does the same thing happen on an inspection that is tied to a PO?

Hi Clark,

I think we figured out the issue.

This part was received on 2020-08-24 and was set to the status ‘closed’ with the qty of 0 and 0. However, you turned on the config ‘set received parts to pending’ on 2020-09-16. My guess is, this inspection is ‘locked’ so to speak.

I would try setting the config ‘set received parts to pending’ to 0 and then try re-opening the inspection.

Let us know if this works for you!

Hi there!

The issue is only occurring with inspections tie to POs. I jus verified that non-PO related can be modified. I also verified that the ‘set received parts to pending’ does not allow me to modify these in either state.

Is there anything else I should try?