Incoming Inspection (Repost)

I have a couple of question on the receiving inspections.
First, I am trying to set up a custom inspection form for incoming inspections.
The form does not appear on the receive parts screen.
Here are the steps I have taken so far.

  1. I set the Use New Incoming Inspections Module to 1.

  1. I created a receiving inspection workflowstage.

  1. I created a custom form.

  1. I created an incoming inspection rule for this part number.

When I go to receive the item, the form does not appear.

What do I need to do to get the form to appear at receiving?

Second, how do you create a incoming inspection rule only for a specific Prc?


Hey @Dellis ,

Thanks for posting. I’m looking into this issue and will get back to you ASAP.

  • Cetec ERP Support


After you receive a line from the PO, are you clicking into the linked “Inspection” as follows?

I was able to reproduce this in a test environment and from here was able to navigate to the new Incoming Inspection Module. This is a separate module from the receiving screen (Warehouse–>Receiving–>Incoming Inspections) but you should get a direct link to it after you receive the PO line.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Cetec ERP Support

Thank you for the reply.
I see where its at now.
I was under the impression the inspection would be completed before the item was received.

How do you create an incoming inspection rule for a specific Prc?


You can set Incoming Inspection instructions on the part record that will show at receiving!

I hope this is helpful!

Cetec ERP Support

Is there a way to print the “receiving information” in this case that was created using the Inspection 15536, that is part of the incoming inspection for this part. The PDF selection in the Edit Incoming Inspection 15566 form only shows the incoming inspection and does not include the receiving information.

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